Q4 2019 - Obtained Hong Kong SAR china NR. 1702/2019 Money Lenders License Q1 2020 - Rolled out CEFI crypto Lending Platform Q2 2020 - Obtained Switzerland Self-Regulatory Organisation (SRO) VQF License - Rebranding and development of Multiplier Platform Q3 2020 - Launched Multiplier CEFI platform - Listed 'MXX' on Uniswap - Launched Simplied Stable Bonds Protocol (SSB) Q4 2020 - Launched TakoSwap (AMM DEX) - Launched MXX Governance Module - Implemented MXX Community Multi-Sig Q1 2021 - - Private Beta TestNet Launch - Public Beta TestNet Launch with Bug Bounties - Primary Audit with Certik - Exchange Listing and Liquidity Mining - Secondary Audits - MCL Converter Launch - MCL Mainnet Launch Q2 - Q3 2021-
Increased Adoption Increase the protocol adoption rate (TVL and Users) through strategic integrations, partnerships and incentives.
Developer Friendliness Establish developer friendly documentation and SDKs (Software development kits) and incentivise protocols and developers to build on top of Multi-Chain Lend.
Security Focus Establish the highest levels of code quality and robustness required to handle large sums of financial assets through continuous audits and bug bounties.

Primary Goals

Establish MCL Catalyst Fund A dedicated fund to accelerate MCL adoption and TVL growth by incentivizing protocols and developers to build on MCL.
Integration of Wallets To integrate Trust Wallet, SafePal Wallet, ONTO Wallet, and more.
Onboarding of Collateral Assets $LINK + shortlisted assets (to be announced).
Developer documentation for Lendingpool(), Liquidation(), Flashloan() Allow developers to call functions() and integrate directly to MCL.
MainNet Bug Bounty Program Bug Bounties to be announced after Kudelski Security’s audit.

Secondary Goals

Software Development Kits (SDKs) Enable developers to rapidly develop on top of MCL by utilising ready-made SDKs such as credit delegation SDK, Vault SDK and Referral SDK.
Series of Hackathons Invite developers to build innovative applications around MCL.
Release of MCL Statistics To provide detailed statistical insights of the MCL ecosystem such as interest rates, utilisation rates and total borrowed/lent amounts.
CEX/DEX Listings Selectively list on exchange venues.
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