DAO team
What is a D.A.O.?
A D.A.O. is an acronym which stands for Decentralised Autonomous Organisation. Decentralization and autonomy are the core principles in which a DAO aims to achieve. A DAO is decentralized because no single entity has the authority to make and enforce decisions. It is also autonomous because a DAO can function on its own without a central authority or leadership, but rather, it is governed by the community of participants. DAOs provide a platform for open collaboration. This platform allow for individuals and institutions to collaborate without having to know or trust one another.
Multiplier Finance DAO
Since the inception as Multiplier Finance, achieving and maturing into a full DAO has always been an ultimate milestone of the project. This is reflected in the very nature of Multiplier’s native token, the bMXX, which was designed as a “governance token” since the very beginning.
On 4th of October 2021, Multiplier achieved this milestone by the creation of a 9 member council team taking over full control of the platform from the original team. These 9 council members comprise of long standing community members of Multiplier with in-depth knowledge of the protocol and good working relationships with the original team members.
Each of the new council members are holders of Multiplier’s multi-sig wallet address, which require 7/10 multi-sig approvals for collective access, control and execution of the treasury funds.
Current Multiplier Council Members
Telegram ID: @DLLM_SPK
Telegram ID: @JosephReddy
Telegram ID: @Finball
Telegram ID: @Holla123456
Telegram ID: @deeply_blue_sea_999
Telegram ID: @Heidefi
Telegram ID: @SupermanR
Telegram ID: @Kelverbird
Telegram ID: @Happydefi
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